Stage Overviews


The ‘Luminance’ Main Stage Led by Prof. Richard Susskind, will explore the current legal technological landscape and the impact that the Big 4 and technological innovation is having on the sector. In addition, the stage will evaluate the risks and management challenges ahead for the profession in terms of R&D and adoption due to the technological boom and how the profession will need to manage these challenges in line with client expectations.

The Main Stage will evaluate online courts and the individual’s relationship with technology, whilst evaluating what a modern legal department looks like and how Google X redevelop new technology to reinvent the way we deliver services of the future. The 2020 agenda will look at technological landscape, and how the legal sector needs to truly understand their culture and how data is the future.


The ‘Intapp’ Lounge Stage – Chaired by Janet Day, Independent Consultant, will explore Design Thinking, Legal Operations, Innovation and the Threat of Deep Fakes.

The sessions will explore how design thinking has helped to transform and invigorate some of the world’s largest corporates and how this employee led approach is starting to reshape law firms’ delivery of innovation to meet client demands.

The ‘Intapp’ Lounge Stage will dissect the challenges faced by legal operation teams and the benefits of operational insights, efficiencies, and agility for future planning. Speakers will also review the threat and rise of Deep Fakes whilst focusing on implementing transformational strategies and the leadership needed to drive a competitive advantage in the current market.


The ‘Masergy’ Innovation Stage Chaired by Peter Wright – Managing Director, Digital Law UK will explore current systems, processes and solutions available for the profession, whilst looking at new technology available to the future lawyer as well as the future of UK innovation whilst discussing disruption vs the status quo..

The speakers will investigate new applications, which are paving the way for client innovation and streamlined services, whilst also highlighting the ease of how systems can be exploited. In addition, the sessions will explore the human nature of cyber security including the psychology and behaviour of hackers and what firms need to do in order to protect themselves in a heightened risk landscape.


The ‘8×8’ FutureTech Stage – Chaired by Andrew Haslam, Squire Patton Boggs will look at the future technologies, systems and processes, which are advancing legal services.

The sessions will dive into the future of cyber security and explore AI and intelligent systems, whilst looking at the new technology being created by large corporates that are starting to transform legal practices. Speakers will discuss how KM is more important than ever in the advancements of sector innovation and shed light on the next generation of law and AI meanwhile highlighting what is being achieved for the legal community of tomorrow.