Ian Lim

Student/ Ideator

BlocVac Prototype

From an early age, Ian has been interested in how the world works. Having started an e-commerce business and a coffee shop in these last few years. He has enjoyed learning about new technology and its applications with a passion and focus on the impact of Technology in Health Care.

Ian’s Blockchain Journey commenced following his mother’s stroke, who then spent more time in various care providers than his own home. All the while he was right at her side. Having spent thousands of hours at the many care provider locations, Ian noticed a clear lack in communication between hospitals, especially when a smaller care provider was involved and spending hours informing the new care provider about his mothers medical history. The same transaction would occur when a new nurse or physician took care of his mother. This lead to an overwhelmingly chaotic environment, delaying select medical procedures. Ian then knew that he needed to create a solution to improve interoperability.

Ian developed a strong interest in Bitcoin around February of 2017, which led him to the foundation behind the phenomenon: Blockchain technology and how it could be applied to health data, specifically electronic health records (EHRs).

Ian attended the NYC Startup Weekend: Blockchain Edition with a colleague and his idea for a decentralized EHR transaction platform to improve interoperability.  The team focused on immunization transactions for viability via the use the Integra Ledger as the blockchain platform and hosted it on IBM’s Bluemix. After creating their prototype, they pitched and won the competition.


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