Agenda 2021

The ‘Egress’ Main Stage Led by Professor Richard Susskind OBE – will explore the current accelerating and decelerating effects of Covid-19 on the world of legal technology.

In addition, the stage will evaluate the current economic and risk landscape and what this means for businesses and management teams ahead.

The Main Stage speakers will evaluate online courts and technological acceleration that has transpired over the past 12months, whilst evaluating what a modern hybrid legal department looks like now. In addition, it will explore, how the dark net a world that is as creative and complex as it is dangerous has never been closer to main stream then now.

The 2021 agenda will look at technological landscape, and how the legal sector needs to truly understand their new culture, and security mind-sets and how data and client services has transformed for a more collaborative future.

Time Schedule Speakers

Conference Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law

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The Impact of Covid-19 on Legal Technology

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law

  • Five stages of recovery from Covid-19
  • The acceleration of automation
  • The deceleration of innovation
  • Legal technology trends in the 20s

The Future of Justice

Lord Wolfson of Tredegar, QC

  • Online Courts
  • The Future of the work force and what can be expected
  • Evaluating the technological boom and what this means for the hybrid workforce
  • Evaluation of the Online Safety Bill.

Stage Sponsor Showcase 

Tony Pepper – CEO & Co-founder, Egress Software Technologies


Leading Complex Technology Enabled Business Change

TBC – Speaker announcement coming soon.

  • Leadership principles in a digitalized world
  • Managing resistance to change
  • Thinking about innovation in a different way
  • Ascertaining true value.



Is Technology a Differentiator Anymore?

Mark Parr – Global Director of Information Technology, HFW


Event Partner Showcase

TBC – Tessian


The Dark Net, Radicals, and The People Vs Tech

Jamie Bartlett – Author & Journalist


Keynote Panel - Q&A

Prof. Richard Susskind OBE, interviews the panel on the information, issues & opportunities raised during the keynote. During this discussion, audience members are offered an opportunity to submit questions to the panel.

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law
Jamie Bartlett – Author & Journalist
Mark Parr – Global Director of Information Technology, HFW
Jenifer Swallow – Director of LawtechUK, Tech Nation
TBC – Speaker announcement coming soon


Conference Chairman's Closing Remarks

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented during 'The British Legal Technology Forum 2021'.


The Lounge Stageled by Janet Day, Independent Consultant – will explore adapting to the changing legal landscape, resilience, the view from the CTO’s, collaboration and In /house Tech Innovation.

The sessions will explore embedding change and the resilience needed by the profession whilst adapting to the changing legal landscape. The stage will also explore how collaboration and the centralising of client services is essential for the shaping of law firm delivery.

The Lounge stage will dissect the challenges faced by the legal management teams with effects of Brexit and the technological acceleration of technology strategic planning during a period of increased adoption. Speakers will also review the regulation of LegalTech needed to evolve against the rapid pace of change in LegalTech within the legal sector to drive competitiveness whilst challenging past and current status quos.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair’s Opening Remarks

Janet Day – Independent Consultant

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The Strategic Importance of Digital Transformation and LegalTech

Nigel Tranter CTO, Pinsent Masons

  • IT needs to drive cultural change by empowering the business to self-serve
  • Hyper-specialization has created a groundswell of applications
  • Using automation to drive operational efficiency
  • Can data separate firms from there competitors?

Sponsor Stage Showcase

TBC – Intapp


Technology Strategies for Big Corporate Legal Departments

Dr. Thomas Barothy Group General Counsel COO, UBS Business Solutions 

  • Overcoming resistance and expanding the use of technology within teams
  • Empowering legal leaders with an adaptable legaltech strategy to support changing demands
  • Embracing technological advancements to drive real business outcomes.

Sponsor Showcase

Paul Morrison, Director Product and Solutions – Real Time Communications, Professional Services, Advanced Services – Lumen Technology


How can technology cultivate collaboration?

TBC speaker announcement coming soon
Alan Parkinson – Head of Technology Service and Transition, Horwich Farrelly

  • Drivers for global collaboration in legal innovation
  • Accelerating and the changing needs of businesses and clients.
  • Challenges of cross collaboration
  • Real time analytics.



GDPR after Brexit: What is Next?

James Moss – Deputy General Counsel, ICO

  • Current Risk landscape
  • What you need to know
  • Interim data transfer agreement and the business impact
  • Cyber security impact and the future of cloud.

Sponsor Showcase

TBC – Acess Legal


PANEL: Enabling the ‘Everywhere Workforce’

Bruna Pellicci CTO, Linklaters

Dale Hodgkinson Strategy and Architecture Manager, Slaughter and May

Stéphanie Hamon Head of Legal Operations Consulting, Norton Rose

Rachel Watts IT Business Partner, Law, Simmons & Simmons LLP 

  • The reinvention of legal workplace collaboration
  • The re-prioritization of technology work
  • Practical considerations for changing culture and operations towards a hybrid working future
  • Challenges of up skilling the workforce.

PANEL: The Future of LegalTech - Regulation and Technology

Dr Joan Purvis – Chair of the Law Society Technology and Law Committee
Stephanie Boyce – President, The Law Society of England and Wales
Dr Helen Phillips – Chair, Legal Services Board

  • Disruptive effects of technology on the law
  • Predications and challenges ahead.

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Janet Day – Independent Consultant

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the Lounge Stage.


The ‘iManage’ FutureTech Stage – Chaired by David Fazakerley, Former CIO, MW Solicitors, will look at the future technologies, systems and processes, which are enhancing innovation and accelerating digital transformation across the legal profession.

The sessions will explore the evolving threat landscape, and advancements in cyber-attacks with malicious intent including the rise in widespread social engineering fraud. In addition, we’ll hear from leading legal IT suppliers and clients alike, delving into client-centric design and delivery.

Speakers will evaluate the increased customer demand and adoption of cloud-based offerings, and new tech infrastructures to support changed and new agile ways of working, whilst reflecting on the rapid journey to the cloud and shifts in digital transformation strategies.

Delving into the next generation of law and AI, forward-thinking sessions will highlight the advancements being made, and what is being achieved for the legal community of tomorrow. Speakers will share research and insights into responsibly designed service robots, whilst revisiting the future of the profession and how current research is influencing industry legislation.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair's Opening Remarks

David Fazakerley – In-House Legal CIO, CTS

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INTERVIEW: The transformational potential of technology across the legal sector

Julian David – CEO, TechUK
Jenifer Swallow – Director of LawtechUK, Tech Nation

  • How the sector can accelerate evolution through technology
  • Consider the current most pressing challenges and opportunities across the UK legal sector.

Sponsor Showcase

TBC – Generis


Evolving with the data-driven world

TBC – speaker announcement coming soon

  • Creating a data-driven culture
  • Optimising data as a growth and innovation enabler to drive customer experience
  • Informing business decisions, key data analytics
  • Driving business value and how to improve operational efficiency.

Stage Sponsor Showcase

TBC – iManage


PANEL: An Era of Enforced Transformational Change – The Client Perspective

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law (Chair)
Maaike de Bie – Group General Counsel & Company Secretary, easyjet
TBC – speaker announcements coming soon
TBC – speaker announcements coming soon

  • Debate the potential of digital disruption in law and opportunities for growth
  • Consider how the legal sector can future proof
  • What demands they are seeing & what challenges they are facing
  • What the future landscape looks like and where AI currently resides.



PANEL: An Era of Enforced Transformational Change – The Vendor Perspective

TBC – iManage
TBC – speaker announcement coming soon
TBC – speaker announcement coming soon

  • Debate the potential of digital disruption in law and opportunities for growth
  • Consider how the legal sector can future proof
  • What market demands they are seeing & what challenges they are facing
  • What the future landscape looks like & how to work with vendors in an agile world.

Intelligent Document Creation for a New Way of Working

Ryan Prins – Business Development Manager, Philips Dictation

  • How document production systems with integrated AI technology are helping firms deliver first-class client services
  • Freeing up time for fee earners and admin staff, so they can add greater value to service delivery.

PANEL: Embracing the Cloud with Confidence

Adrian Cambridge – Global Head of Information Technology Operations, HFW
Sarah Chipping – Director of Information Technology, RPC Tyche

  • Balancing Risk vs rewards
  • Long term mobility and user flexibility
  • Data controls and GDPR, the importance of future proofing the supply chain.

Sponsor Showcase

TBC – Iridium Technology


Bias in Artificial Intelligence

TBC – speaker announcements coming soon

  • Root cause for introducing bias in AI systems, and how can it be prevented
  • Importance of data flows
  • Challenges faced by old technology vs new
  • Team Diversity, future proofing next generation technology.

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

David Fazakerley – In-House Legal CIO, CTS

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘iManage’ FutureTech Stage.


The ‘Acora’ Innovation StageChaired by Peter Wright – will explore current systems, processes and solutions available for the profession, whilst looking at new technology available to the future lawyer. Speakers will discuss innovation as a buzzword in the legal market and debate hype and high expectations, whilst exploring the rise of transformation roles.

In addition, the sessions will reflect on the rapid reinvention across legal services, and the true nature of threats and vulnerabilities to support positive innovations and opportunities.

Speakers will deliberate the balancing of risk-taking with risk aversion; the tightening of security strategies vs need to be open to taking risks for market differentiation.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair's Opening Remarks

Peter Wright – Managing Director, Digital Law

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Redefining and Realigning key Innovation Drivers

John FernandezGlobal Chief Innovation Officer, Dentons

  • Deploying client centric services and solutions
  • Accelerating innovation-based growth strategies
  • Aligning Strategy and governance
  • The convergence of technology and the accelerating needs of businesses.

Sponsor Showcase

TBC – iManage


Experience Matters

David Rabson – CEO, Acora

  • Things I learn from my parents
  • The second hardest job at the board today and why
  • Why experience matters - how ready are we?

Sponsor Showcase

TBC – Repstor


Sponsor Showcase

TBC – ScienceLogic




PANEL: Has the Innovation Bubble Burst?

April Brousseau – Director of Research and Development, Clifford Chance
Adam Ryan – Head of Innovaton, Freshfields
Kerry Westland – Partner, Head of Innovation & Legal Technology, Addleshaw Goddard
Rachel Barnes – Head of Collaborations, Ashurst Advance

  • Balancing strategic priorities with realistic approaches
  • Recalibrating expectations
  • Investing in future operating models
  • Challenges of innovation hubs
  • Changing behaviours and mindsets.

Sponsor Showcase

TBC – Luminance 


Championing Innovation Internally with Technology

Tom Dunlop – CEO & Founder, Summize

  • Why businesses and firms need to be innovative
  • How technology encourages innovation
  • Why championing innovation internally can be challenging
  • How to avoid implementing tech for the sake of it.

Sponsor Showcase

TBC – Legl


The New Generation of Cyber-threats

Christian Toon CISO, Pinsent Masons
Jon Segger Information Security Manager, Linklaters
TBC speaker announcements coming soon

  • New approaches to cyber defence
  • Ensuring business continuity and a proactive stance against emerging threats
  • Balancing of risk-taking with risk aversion
  • Resilient supply chain; what’s the reality?

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Peter Wright – Managing Director, Digital Law

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘Acora’ Innovation Stage.


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