Agenda 2019

The ‘Masergy’ Main Stage – Led by Prof. Richard Susskind, will explore the current legal technological landscape and the impact that technological innovation is having on the sector. In addition, the stage will evaluate the risks and management challenges ahead for the profession in terms of security risks that are coming around the corner due to the technological boom and how the profession will need to manage these challenges in line with client expectations.

The Main Stage will evaluate the re-invention of the business of law and the individual’s relationship with technology, whilst evaluating the trials of managing firms that are pushing IT & digital boundaries. The 2019 agenda will look at technological landscape, and how the legal sector needs to truly understand the true value of security where business data is now gold.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Professor Richard Susskind OBE
– President, Society for Computers & Law


How you Make an Elephant Run
Lisa Sewell –  Managing Director UK & ME, Dentons

  • Challenges facing our client's industries & how law firms need to adapt
  • The role technology plays in this & barriers to adoption
  • How to drive the behavioural shift to bridge the gap.

Cybersecurity Innovations to Stay Ahead of The Legal Digital Revolution
Craig D’Abreo 
– Vice President of Security Operations, Masergy

  • The key data security / privacy trends & challenges facing the legal sector
  • How revolutionary new machine learning can be the solution for the sector
  • The importance of managed detection & response to help law firms navigate the threat landscape.

Addressing Change – Law Firm Transformation
Razvan Cretu – Head of IT, CMS

  • Mastering transformation – Change / adaption & innovation at the core
  • Supporting a three-way merger – Key drivers
  • Sustaining growth & digital innovation
  • CIO or business leader – The new face of the tech leaders.



Cyber Security Innovation
Raj Samani – McAfee Fellow, Chief Scientist, McAfee

  • Understanding the true value of security
  • Cyber advancements – what this means to you.

Navigating the World of Legal Tech – Who’s Doing What
Samantha Steer – Director Large Law Strategy, Thomson Reuters

  • The evolution of the law firm model
  • The take up of legal tech
  • Mapping the legal tech start-up landscape.

Keynote: Digital Innovation – Augmented Reality
Pranav Mistry – Head of AR, Innovation Management & Think Tank Team, Samsung

  • The future of technology could be tomorrow
  • The digital space is now less about what we can do but what we can do in the future
  • Augmented Reality, what this means for you
  • The meeting of AI & digital tech.

Disruptive Legal Innovation: Tech, Cyber & In-House

Prof. Richard Susskind OBE, interviews the panel on the information, issues & opportunities raised during the keynote. During this discussion, audience members are offered an opportunity to submit questions to the panel.

Pranav Mistry –  Head of AR, Innovation Management & Think Tank Team, Samsung
Bjarne Tellmann – General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer, Pearson
Dr. Jessica Barker – Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Socio-Technical Lead, Cygenta
Professor Richard Susskind OBE (Event Chair)


Chairman’s Closing Remarks
Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented during 'The British Legal Technology Forum 2019'.


The ‘Pcysys’ Innovation Stage – chaired by Peter Wright – Managing Director, DigitalLawUk will explore current systems, processes and solutions available for the profession, whilst looking at the new technology for the future lawyer and the future of UK innovation.

The sessions will investigate new applications including new smart apps, which are paving the way for client innovation and streamlined service, whilst also highlighting the ease of how systems can be exploited. In addition, the sessions will explore the human nature of cyber security, the psychology and behavior of hackers and what firms need to do in order to protect themselves in a heightened risk landscape.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Peter Wright – Managing Director, DigitalLawUK


Future for UK Innovation
Jacqueline de Rojas – President, techUK

  • The 4th Industrial Revolution: How we embrace it & how we can leverage it
  • What does the 4th IR mean for businesses
  • The talent, ethics & regulation needed to keep pace with the waves of change coming our way.

AI – Losing it’s Luster or Only Just Getting Started
Nick Thomson – General Manager, iManage

  • The current state of AI within the legal market
  • The future of AI & the key implications for the legal sector
  • Making the most of AI within your law firm
  • Practical applications of AI within the legal sector.

The Industrial Revolution of Penetration Testing
Amitai Ratzon – CEO, Pcysys

  • The benefits & drawbacks of network penetration testing
  • Understanding the hackers point-of-view of vulnerabilities & attack vectors
  • Exploring the threat-facing vulnerability prioritization & modern penetration testing techniques
  • How to prioritize vulnerability remediation based on your specific network topology
  • Adopting a do-it-yourself approach to penetration testing for continuous improvement.

Leveraging your O365 Investment to Deliver Matter Management & Collaboration Use Cases
Jonathan Townend – Partner, Eversheds Sutherland


Increasing Operational Efficiency with Mobility
Eric-Jan van Alten – EMEA Sales Director, Aderant

  • Optimising the cost-to-revenue ratio whilst improving client satisfaction
  • Maximising your expertise to achieve your vision for success
  • Why its suitable for those actively evaluating their Practice Management Systems.

International Data Transfer – The Likely Brexit Implications
Ross McKean – Partner, DLA Piper

  • How will personal data flows from the UK to Europe (& vice versa) be affected by Brexit
  • What are the legal options to keep data flowing
  • How long will these take to implement & how are regulators likely to respond
  • • Will there be dual regulation (UK & Europe) post Brexit with the risk of double fines.

How Firms are Seeing Success Through Bridging the Technology Gap to Win New Business, Increase Customer Satisfaction and Boost Firm Profitability
Chris Turk – Vice President, EMEA, Intapp

  • Today’s law firms demonstrate a clear understanding of the importance of adopting technologies like intelligent automation
  • Recent research has shown there is still a significant gap between firms that consider intelligent automation important & those actually utilising it across the client lifecycle
  • How forward-thinking law firms are embracing technology as a critical part of their firm strategies to drive both top-and bottom-line growth.



The Human Nature of Cyber Security
Dr. Jessica BarkerCo-CEO & Co-Founder & Socio-Technical Lead, Cygenta

  • How human bias influences a great deal of behaviour when it comes to technology & cyber security
  • Drawing on sociology, psychology & behavioural economics to explore the human nature of cyber security
  • Why cyber security is about people as much as it is about technology & what we can do to raise awareness & improve behaviour online.

Law Firm Marketing – Practical Advice on Marketing for Law Firms
Nick FrancisEMEA Marketing Manager, Clio

  • Key marketing terms every business owner should know
  • 3 law firm marketing initiatives you should invest in for 2019
  • Measuring results - How to know if ‘it” worked.

Why is Legal Process Optimisation so Hard? Strategies for Success
Ben Nicholson – CEO, sharedo

  • Understanding some of the unique challenges faced by legal service firms
  • Proven strategies & common gotcha's for implementing process improvements
  • Making sure we make the most of our scarce resources.

Keeping Information Flowing in an Insecure World
Henry Harrison – Co-Founder & CTO, Garrison

  • Delivering value to clients depends on access to the right information at the right time
  • Some of that information comes from trusted sources, but much of it comes from the World Wide Web
  • With parts of the web increasingly subverted by sophisticated online criminals & hostile nation states, how security concerns create pressure to restrict access
  • How law firms can keep the information flowing while protecting themselves from online threats.

Collaboration Security By Design
Duncan Feakes – Director of Channels, StarLeaf

  • Why communications need to be secure
  • How collaboration can improve any business
  • Data sovereignty & why it's important
  • How StarLeaf addresses these points & more.

PANEL: Legal Tech Disrupt or be Disrupted – View from The Vendors
Peter Owen – Director and Founder, Lights-On Consulting (Chair)
Craig D’Abreo – Vice President of Security Operations, Masergy
Chris Turk – Regional VP Sales, Intapp
Duncan Richardson – Sales Director, Oracle

  • Why vendor’s feel now is the right time for disruption
  • What market demands they are seeing & what challenges they are facing
  • What the future landscape looks like & how to work with vendors in this new era.

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks
Peter Wright – Managing Director, DigitalLawUK

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘Pcysys’ Innovation Stage.


The ‘Oracle’ Lounge Stage – Chaired by Peter Owen in the morning, and Janet Day in the afternoon – will explore people, processes, current information governance, legal operations and the impact of Brexit.

The sessions will explore how firms are currently driving firm innovation whilst managing legacy roles and the challenges this presents in terms of agility and planning for the future. The ‘Oracle’ Lounge Stage will dissect the challenges of integrating people and processes and how integration must be carefully planned. The stage will also evaluate the new legal operations role that has evolved to mirror clients and hear from leading In House Counsel teams on what excellence looks like in a modern legal department, including implementing transformational strategies and having the leadership needed to drive a competitive advantage in the current market.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Peter Owen Director & Founder, Lights-On Consulting (Chair)


Integrating People & Processes
Andrew McManus – IT Director, Eversheds Sutherland
Darren Jones – Head of Service Excellence, Eversheds Sutherland

  • Driving the evolution of firms through encouraging innovation & technology awareness campaigns
  • Moving to new ways of working as a combined legal, client & technology function
  • Making sure we spend time on the right things in the right way. 

Leveraging Data to Improve Service Delivery
Luke Fensome – Cyber Security Sales Consultant, Oracle

  • How data is changing the way we do business
  • How to deliver valuable insights
  • How data has transformed other markets
  • How to keep your data secure.

Legal Operations – Client Alignment
Ian Gilbert – Director of Legal Operations,  Herbert Smith Freehills

  • Centralisation of legal operations
  • Driving effective firm innovation
  • Client alignment to provide efficiency in client services.

It’s Not AI, it’s Maths: Back to Basics with Intuitive Pricing for Profit
Dan Wales – Strategic Accounts Director,  BigHand

  • Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity & cash is reality - Is your firm measuring the right metric
  • Current pricing trends – Understand the different stages of the pricing innovation model
  • Pricing to drive profitability whilst withstanding client cost pressures
  • Aligning technology with your firm’s own BI for true commercial & pricing transparency.

Excellence in a Modern Legal Department
Bjarne Tellmann General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer, Pearson

  • Legal organisational design & creativity.



Collaborating to Create the Legal Skills of the Future
Jonathan Patterson  MD, DWF Ventures
Prof. Claire McGourlay – Professor in Legal Education, The University of Manchester

  • Innovation & change in the legal sector
  • New roles & different skills
  • Introducing the Manchester Law & Technology Initiative
  • The story so far.

How the Client of Today Behaves & Why Law Firms Must Evolve to Grow
Ryan Cox – General Manager of Major Accounts, InfoTrack

  • Client behaviour is constantly changing but what are the behaviours of customers today
  • How clients view customer service & customer experience
  • Why using technology that delivers for firms & their clients is imperative to success

EU Data Protection Adequacy Post-Brexit
Jennifer Baker EU Policy Correspondent – Tech policy & digital rights

  • Current third country framework for data flows
  • Will the GDPR save the UK?
  • The European Commission position
  • Implications of the Safe Harbour ruling
  • Privacy Shield 2.0.

Cloud Based Transformation
Mabel Harvey IT Director, Fieldfisher

  • Why law firms are choosing cloud
  • The benefits of cloud over on premise
  • The challenges of cloud management.

Investing for the Future
Thereza Snyman Consultant, Baskerville Drummond Consulting

  • Developing strategic roadmaps
  • Challenges of the business model
  • Prepare for the future
  • Overcoming barriers of legacy thinking.

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks
Janet Day – Independent Consultant

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the 'Oracle' Lounge Stage.


The ‘Luminance’ Future-Tech Stage – Chaired by Andrew Haslam – eDisclosure Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs will look at future technologies and systems, which are advancing legal services.

The sessions will explore the future of intelligent systems, whilst looking at the new technology and innovation hubs that are transforming legal practices. The ‘Luminance’ Future-Tech Stage will shed light on the next generation of law and AI and highlight what is being achieved for the legal community of tomorrow.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Andrew Haslam – UK eDisclosure Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs


Effective Adoption of Machine Learning for Contract Review
Nick Pryor – Director of Innovation Solutions, (EMEA), Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

  • Looking for unicorns & silver bullets
  • Blending tech, people & process
  • Playing to strengths whilst looking back as well as forwards.

Customer Centric Innovation
Karen Waldron – Director of Product Development, LexisNexis
Darci Dutcher – Director of User Experience Design & Research, LexisNexis

  • Practical tips for different models & techniques
  • Ensuring customers are the focus of innovation
  • Evaluating strategic innovation rather than innovating for the sake of innovation.

Unlock Business Value with Artificial Intelligence
Matt Armstrong-Barnes – Chief Technologist – Artificial Intelligence, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Entering into the digital revolution means understanding that change is now constant & that expectations are at an all-time high
  • Why gaining fresh insight from the explosion of data & information is the only way to gain a rapid competitive advantage
  • Developing rules to identify patterns across diverse sources of information is daunting but not impossible
  • Implementing AI using three simple steps can accelerate & maximise the value of the information
  • Explore. Experiment. Evolve.

The Power of Intelligence in Document Automation
James Quinn – CEO & Co-Founder, Clarilis

  • Examining the current automation landscape
  • Identifying & overcoming historic failures
  • How the smart auto document will revolutionise the legal sector.

Adopting AI: How Firms & In-House Teams Can Stay Ahead
Emily Foges – CEO, Luminance

  • How the latest generation of AI is transforming the legal sector whilst providing lawyers with greater insight into a wide range of use cases
  • How firms & organisations are approaching & implementing AI across the world – What this means for the future work of lawyers
  • How transparency, clarity & control are crucial to the future of legal technology within the profession.

PANEL: Tech Incubators (The Accelerators)
Pranav Mistry –  Head of AR, Innovation Management & Think Tank Team, Samsung
Shruti Ajitsaria
 – Head of Fuse, Allen & Overy
Nick West – Chief Technology Officer, Mishcon de Reya
Chris Bentley– Managing Director, Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ)
Prof. Richard Susskind OBE (Chair)

  • Accelerating within law firms – The story so far
  • Incubating in universities & collectives
  • Experience from other sectors & should law firms invest
  • How the best start-ups survive
  • The legaltech unicorn.



Consumer Threats in Connected Devices
Gro Mette Moen – Political Advisor (Senior Advisor), Forbrukerrådet (Norwegian Consumer Council)

  • The NCC’s research on connected toys & smartwatches for children demonstrate that many connected devices fail to respect privacy rights & have serious cyber security flaws
  • The challenges that authorities face when handling these issues, as cyber security is not currently included in product safety regulation.

Mitigating Risk and Inefficiency from too Much Paper in the Firm & Chambers
Nicola Smith – Sales Manager EMEA, nQueue

  • What to do about paper that is stored at expensive offsite facilities
  • What to do about paper that is stored onsite, often in hallways & other unsecure locations
  • What to do about paper that is generated everyday by the firm
  • Building effective scan workflows & automatic routing to the Document Management System.

Has Legal Technology Finally Arrived
Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law (Chair)

  • Automation v transformation
  • The dominance of law firm technology
  • The need for outcome-thinking
  • First & second generation innovation in law firms
  • Online courts
  • LawTech Delivery Panel.

How Firms can Make the Most of the AI Boom
Ben Taylor CEO, Rainbird

  • The benefits of keeping human expertise at the centre of automated decision-making in the legal sector
  • How to find & understand the right AI use case for your firm
  • Navigating the potential ethical, regulatory & security road bumps of an AI-assisted future for the legal sector.

Legal AI Tools – The Real Deal
Kate Tomlinson – Head of Legal Process & Development, Norton Rose Fulbright
Sonia Awan – Global Head of Innovative Architecture, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
Charles Kerrigan
 – Partner, Banking & International Finance, CMS
Richard Tromans
– Founder, Artificial Lawyer (Chair)

  • Examining the real deal of legal AI technology – The good & the bad
  • Exploring the reality of using AI technology
  • The problems it solves, how useful it is & the challenges ahead

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks
Andrew Haslam – UK eDisclosure Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘Luminance’ Future-Tech Stage.


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