Agenda 2020

The ‘Luminance’ Main Stage Led by Prof. Richard Susskind, will explore the current legal technological landscape and the impact that the Big 4 and technological innovation is having on the sector. In addition, the stage will evaluate the risks and management challenges ahead for the profession in terms of R&D and adoption due to the technological boom and how the profession will need to manage these challenges in line with client expectations.

The Main Stage will evaluate online courts and the individual’s relationship with technology, whilst evaluating what a modern legal department looks like and how Google X redevelop new technology to reinvent the way we deliver services of the future. The 2020 agenda will look at technological landscape, and how the legal sector needs to truly understand their culture and how data is the future.

Time Schedule Speakers

Conference Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law

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Technology – at the Heart of Deloitte Legal

Michael Castle –  Managing Partner, Deloitte Legal
Bruce Braude –  CTO, Deloitte Legal

  • Deloitte Legal’s strategy
  • Why legal technology is fundamental to the strategy
  • Deloitte’s technology capability
  • Deloitte Legal’s approach to technology.

Being the Best Advisor to Your Clients

Emily Foges – CEO, Luminance

  • The challenges facing the modern law firm from an explosion of data to increasing pressure from clients
  • The future of the legal profession & why you shouldn’t fear AI.

Online Courts and the Transformation of Litigation

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law

  • Online courts & online dispute resolution
  • Online judging & decision-making
  • The impact on lawyers & law firms
  • Can AI replace judges.



Is LawTech a Modern Dick The Butcher

Mark Beer OBE – Co-Founder, Deep Tech Resolution Lab

  • Can LawTech replace lawyers
  • Can LawTech replace judges
  • Is LawTech AI (or Deep Learning) a force for good or evil
  • What are the main objections to LawTech implementation
  • Can LawTech help to fill the justice gap (with reference to SDG16.3).

Delivering Agility Through Intelligent Information

Steve Cox – Group Vice President ERP EPM Product Marketing, Oracle

  • The power of information & insight
  • The changing role of technology in supporting firms
  • How technology delivers agility to respond to changing market conditions.

The Age of Sci-Fi

Mo Gawdat – Former Chief Business Officer, Google [X]

  • Grasp the reality of the current pace & how far we’ve come with technological development & innovation
  • Understand the underlying mechanisms & causes of this rapid pace & why it will continue to accelerate
  • Define the technologies that will shape our world in the next 10 to 15 years & the extent of the impact they will have
  • Share tips & techniques needed to participate in the trend & become a radical innovator yourself, learned from a 30 year career leading the world’s top tech companies
  • Discuss the legal & ethical implications of the new world we are creating & the behavioural changes needed to mitigate the risks & maximize the benefits.

Disruptive Legal Innovation

Prof. Richard Susskind OBE, interviews the panel on the information, issues & opportunities raised during the keynote. During this discussion, audience members are offered an opportunity to submit questions to the panel.

Mo Gawdat – Former Chief Business Officer, Google [X]
Abby Ewen – IT Director, Browne Jacobson
Mark Beer OBE – Co-Founder, Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab

Professor Richard Susskind OBE (Conference Chairman)


Conference Chairman's Closing Remarks

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented during 'The British Legal Technology Forum 2020'.


The ‘Intapp’ Lounge StageChaired by Janet Day – Independent Consultant, will explore Design Thinking, Legal Operations, Innovation and the Threat of Deep Fakes.

The sessions will explore how design thinking has helped to transform and invigorate some of the world’s largest corporates and how this employee led approach is starting to reshape law firms’ delivery of innovation to meet client demands.

The ‘Intapp’ Lounge Stage will dissect the challenges faced by legal operation teams and the benefits of operational insights, efficiencies, and agility for future planning. Speakers will also review the threat and rise of Deep Fakes whilst focusing on implementing transformational strategies and the leadership needed to drive a competitive advantage in the current market.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair’s Opening Remarks

Janet Day – Independent Consultant

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Legal Solutions by Design

Jana Blount – Change Maker, DLA Piper

  • Design thinking
  • Legal delivery
  • Client experience
  • Legal solutions
  • Beyond pure legal advice.

How Do Law Firms Get From Data to Insight to Impact

Chris Turk Vice President, EMEA, Intapp

  • A firm’s ability to use & process its data effectively represents a fundamental strategic differentiator & can provide a distinct advantage
  • The right insights can power sophisticated & innovative growth strategies, yet many firms struggle to amalgamate data from disconnected systems & third-party providers
  • What it takes to connect & combine information, systems, & relationships in an intelligent, strategic way that creates 360-degree visibility into the business for firm leadership.

Legal Operations - Embracing Transformation

Amy McConnell – Head of Legal Operations, Vodafone Business

  • What is driving transformation of in-house legal functions
  • How Vodafone Business Legal is embracing transformation
  • In-house Legal 4.0. What might it look like.

The Legal Finance Blind Spot: Insight into the 2020 Cash Flow Survey

Dan Wales – Strategic Account Director, BigHand

  • Why urgent action to improve data visibility is needed to support collaboration across finance teams & lawyers
  • How a lack of access to up to date information for lawyers & finance teams is holding law firms back
  • What stages law firms are struggling with most – from under-scoping work at the outset to using the wrong resources to undertake the work, to cash collection
  • How finance functions can support law firms’ evolution from the practice of law to the business of law.

Where Should The Innovation Team be Placed For Maximum Impact

Shilpa Bhandarkar – Global Head of Innovation, Linklaters

  • Does the innovation team belong with the technology function
  • Or with Knowledge & Learning
  • Or as part of Legal Operations
  • Or on its own.



Service Delivery & Innovation

Nicola Gare – Global Disputes PSL , HFW
Sarah Chipping – Head of IT, RPC Consulting
Simon Johns – Director IT Support Services, White & Case
Janet Day – Independent Consultant (Chair)


How the Client of Today Behaves & Why Law Firms Must Evolve to Grow

Jane Pritchard – Chief Product Innovation Officer, InfoTrack

  • Adapting to a growing audience beyond 2020
  • Understanding the drivers for a rapidly influential generation
  • How InfoTrack are supporting these changes.

"Deepfakes" and Synthetic Media

Mike Pappas – CEO, Modulate

  • The impact of deepfakes & similar technology on society
  • Limitations of deepfakes & how to continue trusting media
  • Ethical considerations around the use of likenesses for “custom” content
  • The experience of building an ethics-first synthetic media company.

Technology Rationalisation, Refresh and Future Proofing at HFW LLP

Adrian Cambridge – Head of IT Operations, HFW


Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Janet Day – Independent Consultant

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘Intapp’ Lounge Stage.


The ‘8×8’ FutureTech StageChaired by Andrew Haslam – eDisclosure Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs will look at the future technologies, systems and processes, which are advancing legal services.

The sessions will dive into the future of cyber security and explore AI and intelligent systems, whilst looking at the new technology being created by large corporates that are starting to transform legal practices. Speakers will discuss how KM is more important than ever in the advancements of sector innovation and shed light on the next generation of law and AI meanwhile highlighting what is being achieved for the legal community of tomorrow.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair's Opening Remarks

Andrew Haslam – eDisclosure Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs

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Future Shock: When Cyber Gets Physical

Dr. Victoria Baines – Visiting Fellow, Oxford & Stanford Universities

  • Discussion of cyber-physical threats has so far focused on critical infrastructure
  • With the proliferation of IoT, remote healthcare & increasing lifestyle data collection, personal safety is also at risk
  • What should legal professionals have their eye on now & what threats are on the horizon.

The Spectrum of Mobile Risk

Burak AcgaEnterprise Security Sales Engineer, Lookout / Appurity

  • Learn how to evaluate the range of mobile-based risks based on current threats, vulnerabilities & behaviours
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the prevalence & impact of mobile threats & vulnerabilities with real-world data
  • Understand how a legal firm can assess the risk of “trusted” apps.

Amazon Web Services - Adopting Tech Innovation

Orlando Scott-Cowley – Security & Compliance Business Acceleration EMEA, Amazon Web Services


Cloud Communications and Modern Working - Securing Your Future

Jamie Snaddon – General Counsel, Europe, 8×8

  • Improve efficiency for fee-earners
  • Drive more flexible, competitive pricing
  • Increase transparency and data compliance
  • Raise recovery rates
  • Reduce fee lock-up

Technology, The Courts, and Litigation

Mark Beer OBE – Co-Founder, Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab
Victoria McCloud – Judge (Master of the Senior Courts, Queen’s Bench Division), Judiciary of England and Wales
Professor Richard Susskind OBE (Chair)

  • The challenge of court modernization
  • What clients need & want
  • Electronic alternative dispute resolution
  • 21st century justice.



2030: A Coming Decade in Connectivity: High Performance Computing, Quantum and the Future of Law

Eric Hunter CTO, Bradford & Barthel

  • Supercomputing & connectivity ramifications over the coming decade
  • SpaceX, Starlink, 5G & the business ramifications within coming evolutions in connectivity
  • Systems & behavioral evolutions within the Global Legal Practice & the Business of Law.

Implementing Legal Software

Nicola Smith – Business Development Manager EMEA, nQueue

  • nQueue's history in legal
  • How can your firm handle paper effectively
  • The choice to recover costs.

Taking the Quantum Leap: Preparing for the Legal and Policy Implications of a Transformative Technology

Ian Connett – Founder, QUANTUMJURIST
Monica Zent – Managing Counsel, ZentLaw

  • Quantum computing will drive incredible innovation in technology & could transform major industries & help solve global challenges, i.e. healthcare & climate change
  • With such power comes risks, & policymakers & lawmakers must understand them & work proactively to limit them
  • Legal professionals must be ready to provide insight & expertise in the development of a strong legal foundation that supports an effective quantum computing policy framework
  • The growing capability of quantum computing raises significant legal and policy implications; now is the time to begin the dialogue.

A Modern Approach to eDiscovery

Chirag Zaveri – Director of Sales, Everlaw

  • State of the eDiscovery industry
  • Challenges for corporations
  • How your organization can evolve.

Legal AI Tools - The Real Deal

Jane Challoner Director of Innovation and Knowledge at CMS Legal 
Chris Bentley
– Managing Director, Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ)
Tarek Nakkach Region Legal Counsel, UKIMESA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Emily Foges – CEO, Luminance
Richard Tromans
Artificial Lawyer (Chair)

  • Examining the real deal of legal AI technology – The good & the bad
  • Exploring the reality of using AI technology
  • The problems it solves, how useful it is & the challenges ahead.

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Andrew Haslam – eDisclosure Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘8x8’ FutureTech Stage.


The ‘Masergy’ Innovation StageChaired by Peter Wright – Managing Director, Digital Law, will explore current systems, processes and solutions available for the profession, whilst looking at new technology available to the future lawyer as well as the future of UK innovation whilst discussing disruption vs the status quo..

The speakers will investigate new applications, which are paving the way for client innovation and streamlined services, whilst also highlighting the ease of how systems can be exploited. In addition, the sessions will explore the human nature of cyber security including the psychology and behaviour of hackers and what firms need to do in order to protect themselves in a heightened risk landscape.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair's Opening Remarks

Peter Wright – Managing Director, Digital Law

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A Journey to the Future

Matt Armstrong-Barnes – Chief Technologist – Artificial Intelligence, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • A brief overview of the evolution of technology
  • From linear to exponential thinking
  • The Megatrends that are forcing large scale transformation
  • How unconventional thinking is shaping the future.

Successfully Transitioning to a Matter Management Solution on Office 365

David Smith – Partner and Head of Operations, Anthony Gold Solicitors

  • The move to the Cloud
  • Our decision to use Office 365 and Repstor Custodian for Legal™
  • The journey so far & where we go from here.

Working Securely on the Move

Dr. Heather Anson – Managing Director, Anson Evaluate

  • Working outside the office
  • Travelling and working in public
  • Methods to display best practice compliance.

Use Your Voice @Work

Terence Lippert – Senior Manager Solutions Consulting, Nuance Communications

  • Enable lawyers to spend less time on document production & make time for the work that counts
  • Typing with the speed of sound resulting in faster documentation, better service & client care
  • The ability to work anytime anywhere can significantly increase the capacity of a firm is becoming essential to meeting Profit Per Equity Partner (PPE targets).

#iMDrivingChange – Achieving Customer Success

Paul Walker – Director of Technology, iManage
Frank White – Account Director, iManage

  • Driving Change Management
  • Tools and approaches to achieving adoption
  • Winning over the user & gaining greater enablement.

Technology For the Future Lawyer

Jason Plant Lead Enterprise Architect, DLA Piper

  • Détente – the device war is over – Review of the device journey over the last 10 years – What does the current state mean for a knowledge worker – What are the challenges
  • Climate Crisis – Will there be a technology impact with the move to less travel, smaller offices etc – Communications & Collaboration
  • The age of DMS, PMS, Telephone is over – long live the platform – Joined up data & solutions – Office 365, Workflow, Middleware Cloud & more
  • Legal Technology is it still relevant? – Problems first – technology second – Trends in legal – technology addressing legal challenges.



The Lily of the Security Valley

Dr. Jessica BarkerCo-CEO & Co-Founder & Socio-Technical Lead, Cygenta
FC – Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Cygenta

  • The double-edged sword of security: how engaging with security constructively can better-protect your company
  • How a failure to understand controls can lead to a false sense of security
  • Live demonstrations to highlight how easily some security controls can be circumvented
  • Leave with key takeaways that apply in your personal & professional life to have a real sense of security, not just a false one.

Email 3.0 – From Perimeter to Pervasive

Liam Hopwood – Enterprise Sales Engineer, Mimecast

  • The new digital reality
  • How to reduce the impact of cyber incidents
  • Mimecast Security 3.0 from perimeter to pervasive.

Case and Matter Management in the Year 2030 - Future Vision

Ben Nicholson – CEO, sharedo

  • What case & matter management systems look like in 10 years time as we approach the end of the Information Age
  • Saying goodbye to 'copy and paste' data entry
  • Best of both worlds - Designing a CMS for both people & machines
  • Solving information overload
  • Completing the journey of straight through processing - putting the car back on the Scalextric track
  • Squeezing the final juices out Big Data & Lean Six Sigma
  • What we do now all this friction has been removed.

Offensive AI vs. Defensive AI: Battle of the Algorithms

Gregory Charman – Account Director, Darktrace

  • Paradigm shifts in the cyber landscape
  • Advancements in offensive AI attack techniques
  • The Immune System approach to cyber security & defensive, autonomous response capabilities
  • Real-world examples of emerging threats that were stopped with Cyber AI.

Maximising Legal Tech Impact: Optimise Delivery of Innovation to Clients and Staff

Ian Broom – CEO, Fliplet
Keith Hardie – Director of Innovation Marketing & Business Development, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

  • How to educate
  • How to distribute
  • How to promote
  • How to create new legal tech.

PANEL: Legal Tech Disrupt or be Disrupted - View from The Vendors

Craig D’Abreo – Vice President of Security Operations, Masergy
Adam Nguyen – Co-Founder, eBrevia
Morgane Zerath – Business Development Director, Tessian
Simon Farthing – Commercial & Marketing Director, LexisNexis
Chris White – Former CIO, HFW (Chair)

  • Why vendor’s feel now is the right time for disruption
  • What market demands they are seeing & what challenges they are facing
  • What the future landscape looks like & how to work with vendors in this new era.

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Peter Wright – Managing Director, Digital Law

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘Masergy’ Innovation Stage.


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